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Project Description song downloader with cue list.

Project intentions
GEDownloader is intended not to screw people, but to help portable music devices, to download their music and take it everywhere.
As it does not support searchs, the user is inquired to go to and make the search there, so he must go through their ads and ways to make money.

Platform details
GEDownloader is written for .NET 4, so that version of the framework is also required to run it.
You can download it here:

From release 1.0 beta, GEDownloader supports Growl/GNTP (for Windows) notifications. Although the app will be using the regular text balloons when Growl is not found, it is recommended to have Growl for Windows installed.
You can get it here:

Localization details
The code is fully written (variable, constants and method names) and commented in english.
The labels and output messages are initially written in spanish. In the future, there will be a localization system.

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